The Panel

Matthew Southworth
Matthew Southworth is an artist/writer/musician originally from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for illustrating the Eisner-nominated Stumptown, and he has drawn comics for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Image and Oni Press.

He has also illustrated pieces for IFC, Microsoft, Entertainment Weekly, Capcom, and others, and he is currently working on several creator-owned stories.

photo by Ed Peterson

Quenton Shaw
A native of Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. Army veteran and lifelong fan of comics and film, Quenton Shaw is an aspiring writer, creator, and producer of comics. In 2003 he formed the imprint, Quality Entertainment Works Publishing.

On March 31, 2011, QEW (pronounced "Q") Publishing released its first line of comics. As publisher, distributor and seller the house produces independent, creator-owned, comic book mini-series, graphic, and prose novels in printed and digital media.

Quenton has been happily settled in Washington State since 1987.

Travis Bundy
Travis Bundy was born into the fragrant cultural void known to the world as Tacoma, WA. He has been drawing and creating ever since he was old enough to hold a crayon.

When he's not toiling under the boot of "the man" or drinking himself into an early grave, he continues to challenge himself in all artistic endeavors. He plans to do so until he is found expired and sprawled out over his art desk. I can only imagine that the stench will be atrocious.

Travis lives and creates in the most fetid armpit of Auburn, WA. He shares a lovely little home with his amazing wife, Sarah, as well as 2 idiotic dogs and 4 spiteful cats.

He is also the creator of the critically acclaimed comic book Jeff and is the Artistic Director and Submissions Director for Creator's Edge Press, an independent comic company based in Puyallup, Washington.

Kristy Valenti
From 2007-2012, Kristy Valenti wrote a column about independent comics and graphic novels for ComiXology. 

As Editorial Associate at Fantagraphics Books Inc., she’s edited The Comics Journal, Pretty in Ink, Sketching Guantanamo, Listen, Whitey!, and Man of Rock, among other titles. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Crystal M. Rollins
My artistic life began with Sailor Moon and cutting out newspaper strips and grew to fan art and webcomics as I progressed through school. 

I got married, finished college, got a ‘real job’ in prepress, and continued to doodle on the side. In my spare time and on my own dime I have written prose novels and poetry, but my heart lies in long-form graphic storytelling.

Mark Monlux is an award winning freelance illustrator whose nearly three decades of knowledge on copyright, licensing and ethical business practices has made him a valuable resource for others in the industry. 

Working primarily for corporations Mark has two webcomics “The Comic Critic” and “The Return of Stickman”. Mark is a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, Nationals Society of Cartoonists, Cartoonists Northwest and a founding member of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians aka The CLAW.

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